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It Takes A Wife

I remember thinking at HS graduation that our valedictorian would one day rule the world.  There’s smart, there’s wicked smart, there’s OMG I better keep my mouth shut or she’ll figure out how stupid I am smart, then there’s, like, spooky I’m-not-certain-she’s-a-carbon-based-life-form … Continue reading

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Originally posted on RASSKAZIVATS:
Article by Barbara Cornell. Syndicated from Barbara Cornell’s personal blog. Fasting for spiritual reasons is a concept that is relatively new to me, as it was not part of my religious upbringing. But I’ve come to…

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The Blind Press

I setup this spot on WordPress a long long time ago, now I’m remembering why I never used it.  How do you find shit on this page?  Pouting.  I miss Xanga already, and it’s still there.

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