I used to think

I used to think that…

…the reason betrayal angered me was that I was too weak to forgive.

…true strength was subordinating my needs to the needs of everyone around me and being satisfied with it.

…long hair on a man could be sexy under the right circumstances.

…Mr. Spock was hawt.

…God would forgive murder but not divorce.

…as long as I lived up to religious and familial expectations, the family and the church would support me in a crisis.

…I should correct other’s misunderstandings of my motives.

…if I could just lose those 10 pounds, I’d be completely satisfied with my body.

…eventually I’d figure out why the socks never come out even once all the laundry is done




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3 Responses to I used to think

  1. mitztaken1 says:

    I use to think you could get what you give.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Are you Barbara from Xanga?


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